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Non-Immigrant Visa Procedures FAQ

Non-Immigrant Visa Application Procedures FAQ

The Application System in General

Where do I go to begin a non-immigrant visa application?

All necessary information and links can be found on

Why is the website at a .com domain and not .gov? Don’t all U.S. government websites use the .gov domain?

The website,, is being run by a private company, CGI Stanley, on behalf of the U.S. government. Thus, the website uses the private .com domain.

If I cannot find the answer to my question here, where can I go for information?

Please visit If you still cannot find the answer to your question on that site, or if you have a question regarding a specific case, please contact the Call Center directly. Please see the contact information at

Is the information service free?

Yes. However, our operator numbers are NOT toll-free numbers. You will have to pay the local (or long distance) calls charged by your phone company.

I have tried to log into my profile. I am asked to type two words displayed on the screen, but it is difficult to see what they are. What will happen if I type it wrong?

You may click the “get a new challenge” button within the box if you cannot recognize the spells. Different words will be displayed and you may try again. Please make sure that you put a space between the two words.

I created my profile by registering my name and email address, but I typed my name wrong. How can I correct it?

Please log in the system and select “Provide Feedback” from the menu located on the left side of the screen. Fill out the form and submit it.


Fee Payment and Appointment

How many times am I allowed to change my interview appointment?

It is possible to change an interview appointment up to two times from your profile. If more than three times you reschedule your appointment or fail to attend your appointment, you will be required to pay another visa application fee. Please plan accordingly.

After making an interview appointment, I corrected errors on my DS-160 and re-submitted it. The DS-160 barcode number is different. What shall I do?

You may come to the originally scheduled appointment even though your DS-160 barcode number is different on the appointment confirmation sheet.

I’m a diplomatic passport holder. To apply for an A-2 visa, should I make an appointment?

No, you do not need an appointment. Application procedures for no-fee visas in categories including A, G, C-3, government-sponsored J programs are available at this page.

I’m an official passport holder. To apply for an F-1 visa, should I make an appointment?

Yes. Official passport holders traveling for non-official purposes, tourism (B visas), study on F visas, participation in J visa exchange programs, transit C-1 visas whose cases require the application fee need to make an appointment for a visa interview. For details on application procedures and required documentation, please visit

Document (passport) Delivery

How will I get my passport back after the interview?

In general, passports are returned by Japan Post Letter Pack Plus envelopes. At the time you schedule your interview appointment, you need to select a document pick-up location or enter the address where you would like to receive your passport (home, office, etc.). The delivery address can be changed until 11:59 pm of the interview date.