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Transit Visas


Persons who transit through the United States en route to a foreign destination must have a visa. The visa symbol is "C".

Japanese travelers planning trips for fewer than 90 days may not need a visa. Please refer to the Visa Waiver Program page to see whether you can travel without a visa.

To apply for a transit visa, you must demonstrate:

  • Intention to pass in immediate and continuous transit through the United States
  • Possession of a common carrier ticket or other evidence of transportation arrangements to your destination
  • Sufficient funds to carry out the purpose of the transit journey
  • Permission to enter another country upon departure from the United States

Crewmen who plan to travel to the United States by air or ship for the purpose of joining an aircraft or ship in the United States must also obtain a transit visa. Along with their application form, crewmen should submit their seamen's book and a letter from their employer explaining where and what ship they will join. Crewmen joining a ship in the United States will normally be granted both a transit and a crew visa at the simultaneosly. See D visa.

Application Procedures: For information on applying for this visa, please see the application checklist.

Due to new security regulations, some applications may require additional clearance and longer processing. Since the application process cannot be accelerated, please apply well in advance of your travel date, and do not purchase plane tickets until you have received your visa. Applicants should refrain from calling the Embassy to inquire about the status of their application. Visa applicants should never assume their application will be automatically approved.


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