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Federal Benefits

Federal Benefits Services

Social Security

The Social Security Administration (SSA) deals with claims for retirement, disability and survivor benefits, Social Security number applications, and all post-entitlement activities affecting beneficiaries under the various programs.

  • General information:
    For general information on Social Security, please visit the SSA website (or if you have trouble connecting).

    If you are experiencing problems accessing the SSA website, please contact the Federal Benefits Unit at
  • Social Security Cards / Numbers
    If you are applying for a Social Security Number, or have questions regarding your Social Security Card or Number, view our Social Security Cards and Numbers page.
  • Benefits Eligibility and Applications
    If you are inquiring into your eligibility for Social Security benefits, and/or have questions regarding the benefits application process, please view our Benefits Eligibility and Applications page.
  • Post-Entitlement Services
    If you are already receiving Social Security benefits, and have a question or problem with your benefits account, please view our Post-Entitlement Services page.
  • Questions?
    Handy List of Social Security Frequently Asked Questions

Other Federal Benefits

  • Department of Veterans Affairs
    The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) processes survivor claims, educational benefits, compensation and pension examinations, etc. For more details of benefits available and downloadable forms, please see this page or visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website.

  • Office of Personnel Management
    The Office of Personnel Management website offers information for federal employee benefits such as retirement programs, thrift plans, and health insurance.

  • Department of Labor
    The Department of Labor website offers information on benefits programs such as the Family and Medical Leave Act and workers' compensation programs, (Black Lung, FECA, Longshore).

  • Railroad Retirement Board
    The Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) administers comprehensive retirement-survivor and unemployment-sickness benefit programs for the nation's railroad workers and their families. The RRB also administers certain Social Security benefit payments and railroad workers' Medicare coverage. Visit the RRB website for more information.

  • Department of Defense
    All Department of Defense benefits matters are handled through the U.S. military bases in Japan.

  • Office Hours and Contact Info
    Federal Benefits contact information and office hours.

Affordable Care Act

  • U.S. Citizens abroad need to know about the Affordable Care Act. The State Department has posted this webpage giving important information about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its implications for U.S. citizens residing abroad.

Contact Us

  • The Federal Benefits Unit has a dedicated inquiry mailbox. Please write to for assistance.