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Evacuations (including non-combatant evacuation operations (NEOs) supported by the Department of Defense) will be considered only if there is a breakdown in civil order that cannot be contained by local authorities and that further threatens the lives of Americans in a particular country. Even then, such evacuation operations may not be possible or advisable based on other concerns. Note that, if the U.S. Government does coordinate an evacuation operation, private U.S. citizens may be required to find their own transportation to the departure point. Note also that private U.S. citizens are required to reimburse the USG for all costs of their evacuation.

In many instances where trouble exists, Americans and others can take advantage of existing transportion to either move away from the danger or return to the U.S. As a situation grows more serious, many prudent people choose to depart, or have their families depart, long before an "evacuation" need occur.

That said, even departing voluntarily before a crisis occurs but on short notice can be difficult, and so we would like to share these resources to aid in your planning.

Department of State Evacuation Planning

What the Department of State can do and can't do in a crisis?

Please visit the the Department of State website about Emergencies and Crises.

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U.S. Red Cross

This page, created by the Red Cross, offers information on how to best prepare for a sudden departure from a dangerous area.