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Doing Business in Japan


SelectUSA Executive Director Thummalapally visits Embassy

Mar. 3 - Executive Director Thummalapally joins as Daiwa House President Ono and Lincoln Property CEO Byrne proudly display their MOU to collaborate between now and 2016 on the development of $1.5bn worth of muti-family housing in the Fort Worth, Texas area. [More]


American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and President Scott Kirby visit Embassy

Feb. 14 -  American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and and President Scott Kirby spent a moment visiting with Travel & Tourism Specialist Tamami Honda at her office in the Embassy, after completing a call on Ambassador Caroline Kennedy.  Following the merger with US Airways, American Airlines is now the world's biggest carrier, but anxious to grow its relatively limited business in Asia and Japan.  

Deputy Assistant Secretary Holly Vineyard visits Tokyo and Osaka

New Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia Holly Vineyard visited Tokyo and Osaka on her first trip to the region. On Dec. 12, she met several of the 50 delegates from Japan who participated in the SelectUSA Summit at a reception at the SCO’s home. [More]


Governor Patrick Meets Top Japanese Officials

Dec. 12 - Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick led an Innovation Partnership Mission to strengthen partnerships with Asia and expand opportunities in the fields of clean technology, innovation, life sciences, financial services and transportation. One highpoint of the Governor's agenda in Tokyo was a meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in which the two exchanged views on such topics as Japan's "maglev" train and Red Sox pitching.


Softbank Joins Bloom Energy in Fuel Cell Joint Venture

Fukuoka, Nov. 25 - Softbank established a joint venture with Bloom Energy of the United States to market fuel cell systems that generate power using town gas. The joint venture plans to market the fuel cell system for office buildings, hospitals, and government buildings. [More]


President Obama addresses the SelectUSA summit in Washington

President Obama Emphasizes Investment at SelectUSA Summit

President Obama gave the Summit’s keynote address on the first day, stressing the importance and promise of investing in the United States. His remarks were the capstone to a program that included speeches from four cabinet secretaries. The President called on all his overseas Missions and Ambassadors to vigorously carry out the work of attracting investment to the United States, as well as calling on Congress to provide the resources we need to invest in investment. [More]



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SelectUSA seeks to highlight the many advantages the United States offers as a location for business and investment. From a vast domestic market, to a transparent legal system, to the most innovative companies in the world, America is the place for business.

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